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Our patented pump bottles are unlike any dispensing container you have ever seen for home or body care products.  Aside from dispensing Cleanyst products, they help produce them thanks to our proprietary “mixer in the bottle” design.  The best part is that our bottles are reusable and built to last.  Their distinctive design will look great in your home and will showcase your commitment to reducing plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions for years to come.  Every time you mix a product with the Cleanyst system, you will eliminate a bottle, which reduces plastic waste, as well as the carbon emissions from manufacturing and shipping it.

Cleanyst mixing bottles consist of the following components:

  • Bottle body;
  • Base assembly, including impeller and gasket; and
  • Pump

The bottle body screws on to the base and this means our bottles can be taken apart for ease of cleaning when necessary.

The reusable pump dispenser screws on to the neck of the bottle after mixing.  Our pumps are top of the line and will continue to perform for many batches of product you will produce with the system.  If necessary, you can purchase a replacement pump separately and continue to reuse your mixing bottles.  We will be offering a variety of pumps in the future, including metal pumps in brushed nickel and polished chrome, so you can personalize your bottle and coordinate them with other finishes and fixtures in the home.

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