Appliance Starter Kit

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The Starter Kit will provide you with all necessary elements to begin enjoying the benefits of our patented mixing platform.  The kit includes our appliance unit, two mixing bottles, and an assortment of triggers sprayers and pumps for dispensing products made with the system.  The Starter Kit will also include a sampling of Cleanyst pouches for producing the most commonly used home and body care products.

The appliance unit measures approximately 15.75 inches in height, 6 inches in width and 11 inches in depth.  This compact unit will comfortably fit underneath upper cabinets or sinks, or inside cabinetry in the laundry room, kitchen or bathroom.

Don’t think you have enough space for the appliance?  Then how about after you get rid of your old bulky cleaning containers that take up so much space?  The space-efficient nature of the platform allows you to fit an entire year’s worth of cleaning and personal care products in the space of a small drawer!

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