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Reuse + Save!

Introducing a revolutionary platform for making your favorite cleaning and personal care products at home to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions, and save money.

Stop paying for water, the main ingredient of most home and body care products, and for packaging you throw away. With Cleanyst, you only pay for active ingredients that you mix with tap water using our patented appliance and reusable bottles.


Cleanyst Planet

Reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by reusing your bottles and adding the water at home.

Enjoy the peace of mind of high performance, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your family and better for the environment.

How it Works

1. Load Bottle + Pouch

Our system features a small appliance,
concentrate-filled pouches
and reusable bottles.

2. Select Mix Type

The appliance adds warm water,
dispenses concentrate and
drives the mixer in the bottle.

3. Ready in 1-3 Minutes

Just remove bottle,
twist on a pump or sprayer,
and enjoy!

See Cleanyst in Action

Goodbye Mass-Production…

Hello Personalization!

Tired of mass-produced products? Looking for a scent that’s just right for you? Cleanyst empowers you to easily personalize the products you mix with our portfolio of natural additives. You will have control over a range of attributes, beginning with scent and its intensity. Personalization is easy—just drop in our botanical extracts and oils into your bottle prior to mixing as directed.

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