Reuse & Save!

Introducing a revolutionary platform for making your favorite cleaning and personal care products at home to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions, and save money.

Stop paying for water, the main ingredient of most home and body care products, and for packaging you throw away. With Cleanyst, you only pay for active ingredients that you mix with tap water using our patented appliance and reusable bottles.

Cleanyst Planet

Reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by reusing your bottles and adding the water at home.

Enjoy the peace of mind of high performance, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your family and better for the environment.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Load Bottle + Pouch

Our system features a small appliance,
concentrate-filled pouches
and reusable bottles.

2. Select Product Type

The appliance will squeeze out
the concentrate, add warm water
and drive the mixer.

3. Ready in Minutes

Just remove bottle,
screw on pump or sprayer,
and enjoy!

See Cleanyst in Action

Goodbye Mass-Production…

Hello Personalization!

Tired of soulless, mass-produced products? Our platform empowers you to personalize with our portfolio of additives. You now have control over a range of product attributes, including scent type and strength. Personalization is easy—just drop your additive into the empty bottle before performing step 1 above.

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How much does everything cost?

We are still in the process of finalizing our pricing program for our system and related components. Having said that, our goal is to save you roughly 15-20% compared to traditional products over the course of a normal year.

What is your timeline?

We expect to launch a pre-sale campaign in April 2019.  We expect to make our first product deliveries in the late summer of 2019.

Do I really need an appliance to mix the concentrates?

You can mix certain low viscosity concentrates for making products like surface cleaners (e.g., all purpose, glass, and tub + tile cleaner) and even foaming hand soap without the aid of an appliance using a simple dilution approach. However, you cannot adequately mix high viscosity concentrates for mixing thicker products like dish soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, hand soap, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc. without the aid of a mechanical device. We initially tried dilution and manual agitation (i.e., shaking up the bottle) to mix thicker products from concentrates and just produced a lot of foam. We developed our platform so you could easily mix virtually ALL of your favorite types of home and body care products in beautiful, reusable bottles that will last for years.


How is this different from simply buying green home and body care products?

Most home and body care products that you buy, including green or plant-derived ones, are primarily water, usually 2/3 or more of the product by weight. You are paying for this water, as well as the extra packaging it requires and related shipment costs. This is not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions from shipping all that water and from the bulky plastic packaging. Why pay for the water when you can add it at home and for single use packaging that you are throwing away? With our platform, you mainly pay for active ingredients in the form of concentrates and minimal disposable packaging. You also radically reduce plastic packaging waste and emissions thanks to our bottle reuse model, and save a lot of money over time. Finally, if you are interested in personalizing your products, our platform gives you new and exciting options for easily doing this.

What are your pouches made of and will they be recyclable?

Our pouches will be made of plastic film in order to provide the best functionality given the wide range of concentrates that will eventually be rolled out. Unfortunately, this means that the pouches will not be eligible for curbside recycling at this time (and this is true for all types of plastic pouches on the market today). This does not mean, however, that the pouches are non-recyclable. Indeed, we will offer a mail-back program so you can recycle the pouches by sending them to our recycling partner in a postage paid envelope. That said, the pouches will weigh only 5-6 grams and our design team worked very hard to make them as lightweight as possible in order to “lock in” environmental benefits like plastic waste and emissions reductions on the front end. Over a 3 year period, we estimate that our platform will cut plastic packaging waste by 68% compared to single use bottles. This dramatic reduction in plastic is owed to both (a) bottle reuse and (b) light-weighting of the concentrate package, which the pouch design helped us achieve. What’s more, we will continue to explore new materials for the pouches in an effort to optimize recyclability of the pouches in the future.


What are the ingredients in your concentrates?

We are still in the process of finalizing the ingredient lists for all of our concentrates and expect to make them available by the fourth quarter for 2018.  For the time being, however, if you click on any of the pouches featured in the Product Gallery section of our website, you can see a list of ingredients that will NOT be in our concentrates.  You will note that we eliminated ingredients that are harmful to human health and the environment. Finally, we are very pleased to note that all of our products our naturally derived and plant based and therefore safe for your family and pets.  Please check out this blog entry about what these terms mean. Finally, for our vegan friends, we are pleased to know that all concentrates are vegan and not tested on animals.

Are your concentrates vegan or ever tested on animals?

We are pleased to confirm that all concentrates are vegan and never tested on animals.